Pirates of the Abyss

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 1: Dinner and a Fight

Even the simple minded know knowledge is power

Upon arriving in the town of Behemoth Bay Alberron ran for the Heart of Hell hoping to rouse the crew and fend off the harpies, as he neared where the ship was docked he saw that the harpies were already upon the Heart and the crew was giving a valiant effort to defend themselves. Skimming across the surface of the water Alberron neared the ship. He was however unprepared for a pair of the harpies to break off and dive bomb him. He was able to duck behind his shield for the first one but could switch positions quick enough to defend against second. Fortunately a grappling harpoon burst through the surface of the water and speared the harpy before it could rake him. Alberron gave a salute to Brin in the sub below and continued onto the ship.

As the end of the battle neared, the submarine’s grappling harpoon again burst through the water near Alberron. As the harpoon whizzed past his ear a strange idea entered Alberron’s mind. Upon it striking the harpy soaring above the ship he reached out and grasped the chain of the harpoon preventing it from being pulled back in. Glancing back at Brin he motioned for her to stop the reel and allow the harpy to crash onto the ship itself. With the battle wrapping up Alberron ties down the harpy before it can recover and escape.

“You dwarven lackey. What does your captain think he’s doing capturing me!” the harpy sneered, “If he thinks I’ll give him information, he’s made a big mistake!”
Chuckling Alberron reached for a long carving knife, “Information? I merely wanted to ask how best to grill your wings. Battle makes me hungry.”
He then began to pull on of the harpy’s wings from the bindings and nailing it to the deck.
“Wait! Wait! At least kill me first! Its not like I even know enough to be thrown in The Distorted Tunnels!”
Pausing in his work Alberron grinned down at the harpy, “Now that is interesting. Tell me more about these distorted tunnels.”
“It.tt.s a..a.a.a prison of s.s.ssorts, m.mm..made up of a network of tunnels, gates, and cells. Heh, Choire charged Kratos with guarding its entrance even though he doesn’t know it. Madam is clever that way.”
“Prison? Prison for who? Or what?” asked Brin finally speaking up after looking on in horror towards Alberron.
“For those who know too much… too much about madam.”
Amused, Alberron sat back and looked the harpy in the eye. “Well now, that bit of information can be very useful to us, and for that you’ve earned a sedative,” he stated as he landed a blow to the harpy’s head with the face of his hammer.
Later that evening as Alberron was finishing his grilling the harpy awoke groaning in pain but very much alive. “Ah, you’re awake! Good, good, I have thought much over dinner and decided that you should lead us into this prison. By the way, your wings were very tasty, I just need to find a good sauce to marinate them in… perhaps Icoso would know the recipe for one, ha ha ha.”


I heart Alberron. Can’t wait to see what evils lurk in the Distorted Tunnels!


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