Pirates of the Abyss

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 2: Into the Twisted Earth

Everything has a catch

Just before midday (though who can tell with these ominous skies) the day after the harpies attacked Behemoth Bay Alberron begins to gather his things, having finally recovered from his hangover caused by celebrating the victory over the harpies, to join the others and try to find out what sort of trouble they’ve stirred up today. Before he can even properly find his equipment (having used his shield in a dare involving liquor, fire, and some supplies from the ship’s surgeon it was the hardest to find) he is approached by Brin.

“You must take me to these Distorted Tunnels the harpy we captured talked about.” Brin stated.

“What sort of tunnels? Harpy?” questioned Alberron rubbing his head trying to remember the previous night,”…Oh right THAT harpy. I still need to get that recipe. What are in these Distended Tunnels again?”

“Distorted Tunnels” Brin said matter of factually, ”I talked with the harpy last night after you joined the crew to celebrate (she doesn’t like you very much) and found out what she meant by ‘those who know to much.’ Choire sends people who were once within her organization but who she has no more use for to The Distorted Tunnels because they know to much to be killed and go elsewhere in the Abyss and found by another Devil or Demon. So if we sneak in to this place for even a little bit we can get some information that could prove to be very useful in our pursuits.”

“Alright, this place sounds interesting. If the people you say are there then I think we should try to release some of them if we can. I’ll see if the others are up for a little smash and grab.”said Alberron.

“No, no this we don’t need to bother the others. They’re busy winning over the town. Besides I want to be part of the action not just sit on the boat and study and with you this’ll be easy, right?” Smiled Brin.

“Hmm, I suppose we wouldn’t need the others to do a simple job like this.” Contemplated Alberron not realizing his ego was being artificially boosted, “Lets do this then. Where is the entrance?”

“Well Ocypete, the harpy you tortured, says that she can lead me to the entrance.”

“Very well. I’ll go get her, but we need to keep an eye on her so that she can’t escape.”

And with that Alberron went below decks to grab the harpy, who was very unhappy to learn that he was among those she would be leading to the Distorted Tunnels. Ocypete then lead the small group (Brin had gathered up some spare crew members to help with the spelunking) to a small cave just inside the wall of Behemoth Bay. The cave looked like it was once used as a dock before the town grew too big for it and now was in disrepair. The harpy then ran a finger along a winding groove barely noticeable on the back wall of the cave. With a rumble the cave wall split along the groove revealing an entrance into the network of caves beneath the city. With torches in hand the party entered the caverns and began to wind through the tunnels, passing what appeared to be ruins of temples that probably belonged to the people who worshiped the demons before the continent was thrown into the Abyss. Hours later the harpy stopped at one of the snake temples and approached the alter (which was far more intact then anything seen previously). “Here, the entrance to the Distorted Tunnels lies here,” indicated Ocypete frantically, “Now please release me, I’ve taken you where you wanted to go.”

“Who said you’d be released? Now step aside while Brin here’ll get us in.” stated Alberron.

“Umm…sure I’ll see what I can do.”said Brin uneasily.

Fortunately the entrance was easy to spot and the magic blocking and masking the way was simple enough to dispell. Unfortunately it was too easy and as soon as the party entered the Distorted Tunnels the entrance became blocked with a small rock slide. “I knew it was too easy. You two start digging us out and you two guard them,” stated Alberron motioning to some of the crew that had come along.

“I guess it’ll just be us three then,” commented Brin as she indicated to Alberron, Ocypete, and herself.

“I suppose so.” Alberron gruffly replied.

As they headed further into the Distorted Tunnels the name of the place soon became obvious. Perhaps because of how the continent was brought to the Abyss or perhaps because of some magic worked by Choire the twisting tunnels branched off in dozens of directions frequently including straight up and straight down and to add to that it seemed that gravity pull towards every surface so that someone could easily stand on the ceiling if they were so inclined. After mere minutes of exploring the place no one could tell which way up was suppose to be let alone where they had come from. Throughout the tunnels a cacophony of voices could be heard though the clearest voice seemed to be singing a very familiar tune, but before the party could find the person behind the voice Ocypete let out a chittering sound akin to laughter, “Ha, you were foolish to not let me free!” and with a swift press of a white pebble set into the wall (or maybe the floor) the world seemed to tip sideways and all three of them fell into a small cave they were passing.”Well, that didn’t go as planned,”said the harpy staring up at a pair of angry pirates.

Alberron’s trial tattoo——————

I decide to photoshop it with my freetime. It’s suppose to be 7 hammers that slowly spin over a round shield with icicles attached to it. There seems to be a constant layer of glistening frost over the shield.

Alberrons 7 tattoo


Wow, that’s awesome! I’m not sure if you were around for this, but everyone gets to pick a level 10 or lower magic item to represent their tattoo’s “blessing.” The only requirement is that it must be a slotless magic item (tattoos make the most sense, but divine boons, etc. work also. Be sure to pick something so that we don’t forget by the time you get back!


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