Pirates of the Abyss

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 3: Getting to Know the Prisoners

Al proceeds to smash his way out of trouble

“Alberron… AL!… Stop. Killing. Ocypete! I don’t think she’ll stay dead… more dead?… anyways this cave seems to revive her whenever you kill her.” explained Brin exasperated. “Harrumph.. fine, but as soon as we don’t need her anymore I vote we get rid of her permanently.”grunted Alberron as retrieved his hammer from Ocypete’s face, which magically regenerated. With a groan Ocypete regained consciousness but decided to stay prone across the floor. “uuuhhhh… yes the blue woman is correct. This is a cell in the Distorted Tunnels. The floor has a spell that’ll make sure that you are just as alive as you were when you were put here. I wish it would regenerate my wings so I could get out of here and leave you stuck here.” Blathered Ocypete.

“Well you’re stuck here so you’ll have to tell me how to get us out or I might as well let Alberron keep almost killing you and he looks like he’s ready to do so for days.” said Brin motioning to the smiling dwarf.

“Ok, ok, but you aren’t going to like it. The only way out is to press the button I used to get us here, the complication is that top is guarded against spells and anything that isn’t wearing an Amulet of Choire’s Domain.” whined Ocypete motioning to an amulet on a thong around her neck.

“Well then I’ll get us out of here quickly.” stated Alberron ripping the amulet for the harpy’s neck and tying it around his own. He then proceeded to scale the walls of their cell. Using his hammer to smash in hand and foot holds when needed he arrived get close to the lip of the cell but couldn’t get any further for the last few feet were too smooth to grasp and proved to be hard to smash.” Brin I can’t get any further, is there a spell in your book that would get me the rest of the way?” asked Alberron.

“Umm… let me look, hmmm… Ah this’ll work, a flying spell I don’t think I have the magic to keep it up for more then a second but it should be enough.”Stated Brin quickly lifting her staff and starting the spell.

“Wait, flying? No! Find another sp—- ohhh fu—-!” blithered Alberron but it was too late as he soared out of the cell and into the wall/ceiling across from the cell.”ugh… I hate flying I like my feet on solid boards or earth. Now where is that button?… Ah here it is… no that’s just a regular rock, hmm.. maybe this one? Did that work?” mumbled Alberron searching the wall before finding the right rock to press.

“Yes now lets go find us some prisoners.” stated Brin jogging out of the cell whose gravity had now changed back.

Stopping the harpy as she began to exit the cell behind Brin, Alberron said, “Because you got us here and gave us a way out of the cells I’ll let you live. Unfortunately for you that’ll be all you’ll get to do.” He then shoved her back into the cell and pressed the button again trapping the harpy back in the cell.”Also, thank you for the momento, I’ll be keeping the amulet.”

Together Alberron and Brin proceeded down the tunnel towards the singing they heard earlier. Soon they entered a large cavern with cells dotting every wall and a boulder floating in the center. As they looked in the cells they saw that there was a prisoner or two in every cell but they were all strangely quiet, until they happened upon a particularly dark cell. From within the singing, which they now recognized as The Ballad of Aria and Laedes, could be heard. The voice sounded very much like Aria’s but had a certain quality to it that kept it from being exactly the same (mostly because it was a little off-key). “Greetings to you ma’am, where did you hear that song?” stated Brin politely.

With a cackle the creature within responded in a voice that was raspy and very unladylike, “Ma’am? Ha ha, my impressions must be getting better, of course I’ve had a lot of time to practice it, but that is beside the point. Release me and I will tell you the tale.”

“Very well let us find the release mechanism and we shall hear you.” stated Brin who then proceeded to look for the correct stone to press.

After much searching it appeared that the button was on the boulder floating in the middle of the room, for it was covered in white pebbles, enough for every cell in the cavern, but it was floating just out of reach. “I think I can solve this.” Smirked Alberron who then proceeded to stomp a rhythm on the ground.

With every stomp frost began to form around him and ice covered his body. He then proceed to wind up and throw his hammer into the now frosted boulder cracking it. The magic used by the stones now broken the cells within the cavern released.

“Hmmm… That was crude, but admittedly it was effective,” Stated the voice, “Let me Introduce myself, “I am Klaus A. Lucard.”

From the shadows of the cell emerged a man, though the term could only be used very loosely, he seemed to be almost bat-like and quite ugly.

“Now I shall tell you the tale that got me entrapped here. Under the orders of my captain, Shiroq, I made my way to the Temple of the Iron Flail in search of a person that he seemed to have much interest in. The man, who went by the name of Cassus I believe, was said to have been kept in the temple and I had been able to confirm as such when I heard that lovely song that I was singing when you arrived. Unfortunately I had crept to close to the woman who was singing it and was captured by a few of the beings in service to Choire. Choire the proceed to have me sent here, why? I have no idea, though what I had learned at the temple seemed to be quite important to her. Now that is my tale and I think I will find my own way out.”

During the conversation the rest of the prisoners had filed out of the cavern except for a one cell where a pair of beings remain inside despite them being able to leave.

“Excuse me, don’t you wish to leave this place?” Asked Brin stepping closer to the cell.

“Of course my dear Brin, but to do so would most likely kill me,” said an wizened earthsoul genasi woman from within the cell, “I have lived for over 100 years and while the spell on this cell sustains my health it does nothing for aging. Probably because very few age on this plane.”

“How do you know who I am? Who are you?”exclaimed Brin in shock.

“Ah well you see I have the ability to see things, occasionally things that people don’t want me to see, as for who I am my name is Ashar and my dear friend here is Illican, who won’t leave me no matter how much I insist,” said the genasi motioning to the Goliath that was providing her with support so she could stand, “Now if you can figure out the spell on these cells as you are planning too we can get out of here.”



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