Pirates of the Abyss

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 5: Between a rock and swarm of angry armor
Al proceeds to smash his way into trouble

In the submarine Alberron began to stir, looking around everyone else was still strapped in and unconscious. Opening the hatch he saw that they were at the bottom of the enormous whirlpool and had crashed into one of many archways encircling a granite dome. Belong the others began to awaken. Illican climbed out of the hatch next to Alberron and recognized the building they had crashed into though it was different then he remembered.

“These archways were added after I left, we had built just the dome. Choire always did have a sense of grandeur,” commented Illican.

As Brin and Ashar exited the sub together Alberron and Illican approached the nearest undamaged archways. They noticed that each archway was a replica of the other. Each were flanked by a suits of armor, one on each side of a tall wooden door with devil-headed pull rings. Alberron began to approach the nearest door to try and open it when Illican stopped him. Telling him that only one entrance to the interior was ever built and it was very unlikely that Choire would have made the structure more accessible. Brin noting his words performed a ‘Detect Magic’ on the door and discovered that it was just an illusion and possibly a trigger for something. With help from Ashar, Brin expanded her search going to each door to find the real one. As they wandered around the Vortex Pillars Illican, unarmed after being imprisoned for so long, pried one of the swords from the hands of the armor as they passed yet another illusionary doorway. After what seemed like hours they found the actual door nearly on the other side of the structure. Hesitantly Illican and Alberron began to open the doors when they were quickly slammed shut, the suits of armor had stuck out their arms and closed the doors.

Inside the armor flames burst and were then quickly extinguished as the dwarf and goliath smashed them into the walls, but it was too late they could hear the suits of armor all around the building waking up and the ones in the adjacent archways were already rounding the corner. Before they were able to reopen the doors the horde was upon them. Together, the four of them were able to hold off the suits of armor for a while, but they kept reassembling themselves (occasionally the various suits would mix up parts or reassemble inside of another thus eliminating themselves from the fight) and Alberron, being the one heading the retaliation, was dog piled. Illican tried to get to Alberron and free him from the suits of armor but then the suits that were on Alberron began to freeze and the fires inside extinguished. As the armor fell away Alberron let out a great roar and smashed anything that came close to him and freezing it until he was surrounded by an ice covered mound of bent and twisted steel.

Now that he wasn’t a whirling ball of anger it could be seen that Alberron wasn’t just covered in a thin layer of ice but he had actually become ice. Breathing hard and still iced over Alberron stomped up to the door and threw it open revealing the four pillars and central pool that Illican had mentioned in the tunnels, what he had failed to mention was the deep gorge surrounding them and the swirling black waters at the bottom. Without hesitation (likely because he wasn’t thinking very hard) Alberron backed up and took a running jump across the chasm. He then landed just short of the other side but on seemingly solid air. Brin quickly taking note and being cautious had already began to Detect Magic when she saw Alberron’s confusion on his landing spot.

“It’s another illusion!” she laughed.

The remainder of the party then cautiously crept across the open “air” and gazed upon the what they had come to destroy. The four solid stone pillars softly glowed with the magic runes flitting across their polished faces. The central pool contained a small mobile whirlpool that seemed to be contained in a model replica of the realm lit up by a skylight at the very top of the dome. Nodding to each other Alberron and Illican began to work on the pillars while Brin and Ashar studied the central pool working their magic to probe it and to try and dispel any associated rituals.

Just as Alberron and Illican were beginning to take down the last pillar (the pillars were specific for the ritual and were not load bearing pillars) when they were stopped by Brin.
“Wait, once you’ve destroyed these pillars the whirlpool surrounding this temple will stop spinning and the water will come crashing down.”

“I will finish up here while the rest of you get in the sub.” said Alberron after a few seconds of contemplation. “When the water gets here come back for me.”

After some reassurances by Brin that the sub was in working condition they agreed that Alberron would be best to stay and finish off the pillars. After waiting for a few minutes for the others to get to the sub Alberron began again on the last pillar and slowly it began to crumble and until it fell with a crash. For a second there was an eerie silence as the whirlpool around the Vortex Pillars stopped it’s constant roar, then a new roar, like that of an angry bear, erupted as the swirling wall of water crashed down upon the temple and began to pour through the open doorway. Activating his Wavestrider boots Alberron braced himself against the side of the dome as he began to rise up on top of the turbulent waters. Below him the rubble of the pillars began to stir and slowly a large golem began to form from the ruins. Unable to keep his balance on the boiling waters and fight off a mammoth golem by himself Alberron was reduced to dodging its attacks while running in circles around the dome. As these laps became shorter and shorter the golems attack luckly got easier and easier to dodge as it had to jump to attack him. In the opening above him some water began to also pour in but he heard familiar shouts and when he looked up Alberron saw that Illican was standing onto lowering a rope for him to grab onto.

When they were all safely aboard the submarine they drove off in a direction picked seemingly at random by Ashar to distance themselves from the ruins of the temple, lest Choire came to “admire” their work.

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 4: Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder
out of the tunnels and into the bar

“Hmm… let’s see here…If I…no…maybe…no…Ah ha… if I do this it should replicate the spell and transfer it to the pendent. Speaking of which, Alberron, what is this thing and how many do you have in that beard of yours?” rambled Brin.

“The items in a dwarf’s beard is for him to know, “ replied Alberron being uncharacteristically cryptic.

“Erm…well, anyways… Ashar, if you will let me help you up we can be on our way.”

“Thank you my dear.” said Ashar kindly.

Together they left the cell and entered the main chamber of the cell block. As they looked around they realized how maze like the Distorted Tunnels were. Trying to head back in the direction they had come from Alberron and Brin took the lead though they quickly got lost after passing the cell they had left Ocypete the wingless harpy in, upon arriving at a junction that seemed unfamiliar the four of them paused and scanned the tunnels, though each way looked the same. Taking a deep breath Alberron peered down each tunnel and took in everything he could see, feel, and smell and after assessing each he began to stride down the left most tunnel.

“You seem to know these tunnels well dwarf,” commented Illican speaking for the first time.

“I was born in the earth, like a proper dwarf. I am not familiar with these particular tunnels but I know the earth and its telling me to head this way.” replied Alberron slightly offended and picked up his pace.

Slowly the effects of the Distorted Tunnels appeared to wear off and there became a proper floor and ceiling to the tunnel system.

“Illican dear, you can trust this lively dwarf to know where the surface is, perhaps you should tell the tale of why you were imprisoned to pass the time.” said Ashar from the rear of the group.

“Though I know not why I should tell these folks I trust you Ashar,” Illican hesitantly responded, “Years ago, though how many I know not, I was a captain of a ship loyal to Choire. My crew was particularly talented in find good choke points and constructing strongholds during the Babao demon invasion. So when we were called upon by Choire personally to construct something for her we felt honored. She told us to construct a temple of sorts with 4 central pillars surrounding a deep circular pool which we filled with water from the sea. When a team of wizards arrived to prepare the temple for Choire I found out the reason for the temple, it was to be used as a focal point for Choire to be able to call up huge whirlpools throughout the realm to swallow up those that would oppose her. The finished interior was breathtaking, but unfortunately because my crew was used to building strongholds the exterior was strictly utilitarian. When Choire arrived she was displeased with the utilitarian exterior for though she is very calculating she is still a succubus. For this mistake she slew my crew and threw me into the Distorted Tunnels where I have plotted my revenge.”

“Revenge you say…” grinned Alberron, “I believe I can assist in that. When we get out of here, and we will, we should go to this temple of yours and destroy it.”

“That will be a good start.” agreed Illican.

“I also will be joining you but I think Brin is a bit preoccupied with what a fellow inmate of ours stated.” said Ashar casually.

“Unfortunately you are right Ashar, I’ve been thinking about what Klaus had said and now that I’ve got a clue on Cassus I feel I must follow it.”

“Join us in our raid and when you and Alberron here find your friends you be closer to finding him then you think.” Ashar responded.

“Hey, I think we’re here,” said Alberron abruptly and a smile slowly spread across his face, “and my nose has lead us to the best possible exit.”

In front of them was a hole in the wall of the tunnel that looked like it had formed when the large barrel of whiskey that currently wholly blocked the exit was shoved against the wall from the opposite side. Illican, stepping forward, shoved the whiskey barrel out of his way and he entered into what appeared to be a cellar. Looking around Alberron’s face brightens up as he recognizes it as the storage cellar for Rex’s “Drinking Emporium” and runs up the stairs to see if Rex was in and could possibly pour him a cold one. Finding the place empty Alberron calls everyone up and they gathered around one of the tables that littered the bar to discuss their plan of attack and much like Alberron it was short and to the point.

“You know where it is, right Illiman? I say we head over there and smash our way through until we break whatever is running the spell,” Stated Alberron as soon as everyone had sat down.

“It is Illican and yes I know where to look though I’m not sure we’d be able to just smash our way in. The way has been blocked with a series of traps that I have only heard rumors about because they were implemented after I was imprisoned.” calmly stated Illican.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t just barge in but we need to get there but since we don’t know what’s in store perhaps we should just go and see what can be done.” interjected Brin.

“Excellent we will smash our way in slowly! Now that’s out of the way let’s be on our way.” Ashar said excitedly looking younger then she had since they’d left the prison.

“Fine, fine I will pick up the crew we left and we can make our way to the temple of choire’s spinning water.” conceded Alberron.

“What is the place called anyway?” asked Brin.

“I believe Choire settled on The Vortex Pillars for naming the temple.” answered Illican.

With their “plan” in place the group set out to gather the rest of the crew (and Alberron sneaking a pint of mead into his bejeweled stien “Betty”) and set sail in the submersible that Brin had taken to driving. Heading for the Centipede Archipelago Brin noticed that the sub seemed to list to one side as if something was clinging to the hull but before she could say anything an enormous whirlpool came into view.

“This appears to be the first trap and if I remember correctly this is where the Vortex Pillars are situated so we need to sail straight into the heart of that whirlpool.” Illican gravely stated.

Everyone braced themselves for a bumpy ride when a black shadow darted past the port side portholes that looked suspiciously like a recently released vampire, however those in the sub had bigger things to worry about.

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 3: Getting to Know the Prisoners
Al proceeds to smash his way out of trouble
“Alberron… AL!… Stop. Killing. Ocypete! I don’t think she’ll stay dead… more dead?… anyways this cave seems to revive her whenever you kill her.” explained Brin exasperated. “Harrumph.. fine, but as soon as we don’t need her anymore I vote we get rid of her permanently.”grunted Alberron as retrieved his hammer from Ocypete’s face, which magically regenerated. With a groan Ocypete regained consciousness but decided to stay prone across the floor. “uuuhhhh… yes the blue woman is correct. This is a cell in the Distorted Tunnels. The floor has a spell that’ll make sure that you are just as alive as you were when you were put here. I wish it would regenerate my wings so I could get out of here and leave you stuck here.” Blathered Ocypete.

“Well you’re stuck here so you’ll have to tell me how to get us out or I might as well let Alberron keep almost killing you and he looks like he’s ready to do so for days.” said Brin motioning to the smiling dwarf.

“Ok, ok, but you aren’t going to like it. The only way out is to press the button I used to get us here, the complication is that top is guarded against spells and anything that isn’t wearing an Amulet of Choire’s Domain.” whined Ocypete motioning to an amulet on a thong around her neck.

“Well then I’ll get us out of here quickly.” stated Alberron ripping the amulet for the harpy’s neck and tying it around his own. He then proceeded to scale the walls of their cell. Using his hammer to smash in hand and foot holds when needed he arrived get close to the lip of the cell but couldn’t get any further for the last few feet were too smooth to grasp and proved to be hard to smash.” Brin I can’t get any further, is there a spell in your book that would get me the rest of the way?” asked Alberron.

“Umm… let me look, hmmm… Ah this’ll work, a flying spell I don’t think I have the magic to keep it up for more then a second but it should be enough.”Stated Brin quickly lifting her staff and starting the spell.

“Wait, flying? No! Find another sp—- ohhh fu—-!” blithered Alberron but it was too late as he soared out of the cell and into the wall/ceiling across from the cell.”ugh… I hate flying I like my feet on solid boards or earth. Now where is that button?… Ah here it is… no that’s just a regular rock, hmm.. maybe this one? Did that work?” mumbled Alberron searching the wall before finding the right rock to press.

“Yes now lets go find us some prisoners.” stated Brin jogging out of the cell whose gravity had now changed back.

Stopping the harpy as she began to exit the cell behind Brin, Alberron said, “Because you got us here and gave us a way out of the cells I’ll let you live. Unfortunately for you that’ll be all you’ll get to do.” He then shoved her back into the cell and pressed the button again trapping the harpy back in the cell.”Also, thank you for the momento, I’ll be keeping the amulet.”

Together Alberron and Brin proceeded down the tunnel towards the singing they heard earlier. Soon they entered a large cavern with cells dotting every wall and a boulder floating in the center. As they looked in the cells they saw that there was a prisoner or two in every cell but they were all strangely quiet, until they happened upon a particularly dark cell. From within the singing, which they now recognized as The Ballad of Aria and Laedes, could be heard. The voice sounded very much like Aria’s but had a certain quality to it that kept it from being exactly the same (mostly because it was a little off-key). “Greetings to you ma’am, where did you hear that song?” stated Brin politely.

With a cackle the creature within responded in a voice that was raspy and very unladylike, “Ma’am? Ha ha, my impressions must be getting better, of course I’ve had a lot of time to practice it, but that is beside the point. Release me and I will tell you the tale.”

“Very well let us find the release mechanism and we shall hear you.” stated Brin who then proceeded to look for the correct stone to press.

After much searching it appeared that the button was on the boulder floating in the middle of the room, for it was covered in white pebbles, enough for every cell in the cavern, but it was floating just out of reach. “I think I can solve this.” Smirked Alberron who then proceeded to stomp a rhythm on the ground.

With every stomp frost began to form around him and ice covered his body. He then proceed to wind up and throw his hammer into the now frosted boulder cracking it. The magic used by the stones now broken the cells within the cavern released.

“Hmmm… That was crude, but admittedly it was effective,” Stated the voice, “Let me Introduce myself, “I am Klaus A. Lucard.”

From the shadows of the cell emerged a man, though the term could only be used very loosely, he seemed to be almost bat-like and quite ugly.

“Now I shall tell you the tale that got me entrapped here. Under the orders of my captain, Shiroq, I made my way to the Temple of the Iron Flail in search of a person that he seemed to have much interest in. The man, who went by the name of Cassus I believe, was said to have been kept in the temple and I had been able to confirm as such when I heard that lovely song that I was singing when you arrived. Unfortunately I had crept to close to the woman who was singing it and was captured by a few of the beings in service to Choire. Choire the proceed to have me sent here, why? I have no idea, though what I had learned at the temple seemed to be quite important to her. Now that is my tale and I think I will find my own way out.”

During the conversation the rest of the prisoners had filed out of the cavern except for a one cell where a pair of beings remain inside despite them being able to leave.

“Excuse me, don’t you wish to leave this place?” Asked Brin stepping closer to the cell.

“Of course my dear Brin, but to do so would most likely kill me,” said an wizened earthsoul genasi woman from within the cell, “I have lived for over 100 years and while the spell on this cell sustains my health it does nothing for aging. Probably because very few age on this plane.”

“How do you know who I am? Who are you?”exclaimed Brin in shock.

“Ah well you see I have the ability to see things, occasionally things that people don’t want me to see, as for who I am my name is Ashar and my dear friend here is Illican, who won’t leave me no matter how much I insist,” said the genasi motioning to the Goliath that was providing her with support so she could stand, “Now if you can figure out the spell on these cells as you are planning too we can get out of here.”

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 2: Into the Twisted Earth
Everything has a catch

Just before midday (though who can tell with these ominous skies) the day after the harpies attacked Behemoth Bay Alberron begins to gather his things, having finally recovered from his hangover caused by celebrating the victory over the harpies, to join the others and try to find out what sort of trouble they’ve stirred up today. Before he can even properly find his equipment (having used his shield in a dare involving liquor, fire, and some supplies from the ship’s surgeon it was the hardest to find) he is approached by Brin.

“You must take me to these Distorted Tunnels the harpy we captured talked about.” Brin stated.

“What sort of tunnels? Harpy?” questioned Alberron rubbing his head trying to remember the previous night,”…Oh right THAT harpy. I still need to get that recipe. What are in these Distended Tunnels again?”

“Distorted Tunnels” Brin said matter of factually, ”I talked with the harpy last night after you joined the crew to celebrate (she doesn’t like you very much) and found out what she meant by ‘those who know to much.’ Choire sends people who were once within her organization but who she has no more use for to The Distorted Tunnels because they know to much to be killed and go elsewhere in the Abyss and found by another Devil or Demon. So if we sneak in to this place for even a little bit we can get some information that could prove to be very useful in our pursuits.”

“Alright, this place sounds interesting. If the people you say are there then I think we should try to release some of them if we can. I’ll see if the others are up for a little smash and grab.”said Alberron.

“No, no this we don’t need to bother the others. They’re busy winning over the town. Besides I want to be part of the action not just sit on the boat and study and with you this’ll be easy, right?” Smiled Brin.

“Hmm, I suppose we wouldn’t need the others to do a simple job like this.” Contemplated Alberron not realizing his ego was being artificially boosted, “Lets do this then. Where is the entrance?”

“Well Ocypete, the harpy you tortured, says that she can lead me to the entrance.”

“Very well. I’ll go get her, but we need to keep an eye on her so that she can’t escape.”

And with that Alberron went below decks to grab the harpy, who was very unhappy to learn that he was among those she would be leading to the Distorted Tunnels. Ocypete then lead the small group (Brin had gathered up some spare crew members to help with the spelunking) to a small cave just inside the wall of Behemoth Bay. The cave looked like it was once used as a dock before the town grew too big for it and now was in disrepair. The harpy then ran a finger along a winding groove barely noticeable on the back wall of the cave. With a rumble the cave wall split along the groove revealing an entrance into the network of caves beneath the city. With torches in hand the party entered the caverns and began to wind through the tunnels, passing what appeared to be ruins of temples that probably belonged to the people who worshiped the demons before the continent was thrown into the Abyss. Hours later the harpy stopped at one of the snake temples and approached the alter (which was far more intact then anything seen previously). “Here, the entrance to the Distorted Tunnels lies here,” indicated Ocypete frantically, “Now please release me, I’ve taken you where you wanted to go.”

“Who said you’d be released? Now step aside while Brin here’ll get us in.” stated Alberron.

“Umm…sure I’ll see what I can do.”said Brin uneasily.

Fortunately the entrance was easy to spot and the magic blocking and masking the way was simple enough to dispell. Unfortunately it was too easy and as soon as the party entered the Distorted Tunnels the entrance became blocked with a small rock slide. “I knew it was too easy. You two start digging us out and you two guard them,” stated Alberron motioning to some of the crew that had come along.

“I guess it’ll just be us three then,” commented Brin as she indicated to Alberron, Ocypete, and herself.

“I suppose so.” Alberron gruffly replied.

As they headed further into the Distorted Tunnels the name of the place soon became obvious. Perhaps because of how the continent was brought to the Abyss or perhaps because of some magic worked by Choire the twisting tunnels branched off in dozens of directions frequently including straight up and straight down and to add to that it seemed that gravity pull towards every surface so that someone could easily stand on the ceiling if they were so inclined. After mere minutes of exploring the place no one could tell which way up was suppose to be let alone where they had come from. Throughout the tunnels a cacophony of voices could be heard though the clearest voice seemed to be singing a very familiar tune, but before the party could find the person behind the voice Ocypete let out a chittering sound akin to laughter, “Ha, you were foolish to not let me free!” and with a swift press of a white pebble set into the wall (or maybe the floor) the world seemed to tip sideways and all three of them fell into a small cave they were passing.”Well, that didn’t go as planned,”said the harpy staring up at a pair of angry pirates.

Alberron’s trial tattoo——————

I decide to photoshop it with my freetime. It’s suppose to be 7 hammers that slowly spin over a round shield with icicles attached to it. There seems to be a constant layer of glistening frost over the shield.

Alberrons 7 tattoo

Alberron's Summer Side Quest Part 1: Dinner and a Fight
Even the simple minded know knowledge is power

Upon arriving in the town of Behemoth Bay Alberron ran for the Heart of Hell hoping to rouse the crew and fend off the harpies, as he neared where the ship was docked he saw that the harpies were already upon the Heart and the crew was giving a valiant effort to defend themselves. Skimming across the surface of the water Alberron neared the ship. He was however unprepared for a pair of the harpies to break off and dive bomb him. He was able to duck behind his shield for the first one but could switch positions quick enough to defend against second. Fortunately a grappling harpoon burst through the surface of the water and speared the harpy before it could rake him. Alberron gave a salute to Brin in the sub below and continued onto the ship.

As the end of the battle neared, the submarine’s grappling harpoon again burst through the water near Alberron. As the harpoon whizzed past his ear a strange idea entered Alberron’s mind. Upon it striking the harpy soaring above the ship he reached out and grasped the chain of the harpoon preventing it from being pulled back in. Glancing back at Brin he motioned for her to stop the reel and allow the harpy to crash onto the ship itself. With the battle wrapping up Alberron ties down the harpy before it can recover and escape.

“You dwarven lackey. What does your captain think he’s doing capturing me!” the harpy sneered, “If he thinks I’ll give him information, he’s made a big mistake!”
Chuckling Alberron reached for a long carving knife, “Information? I merely wanted to ask how best to grill your wings. Battle makes me hungry.”
He then began to pull on of the harpy’s wings from the bindings and nailing it to the deck.
“Wait! Wait! At least kill me first! Its not like I even know enough to be thrown in The Distorted Tunnels!”
Pausing in his work Alberron grinned down at the harpy, “Now that is interesting. Tell me more about these distorted tunnels.”
“It.tt.s a..a.a.a prison of s.s.ssorts, m.mm..made up of a network of tunnels, gates, and cells. Heh, Choire charged Kratos with guarding its entrance even though he doesn’t know it. Madam is clever that way.”
“Prison? Prison for who? Or what?” asked Brin finally speaking up after looking on in horror towards Alberron.
“For those who know too much… too much about madam.”
Amused, Alberron sat back and looked the harpy in the eye. “Well now, that bit of information can be very useful to us, and for that you’ve earned a sedative,” he stated as he landed a blow to the harpy’s head with the face of his hammer.
Later that evening as Alberron was finishing his grilling the harpy awoke groaning in pain but very much alive. “Ah, you’re awake! Good, good, I have thought much over dinner and decided that you should lead us into this prison. By the way, your wings were very tasty, I just need to find a good sauce to marinate them in… perhaps Icoso would know the recipe for one, ha ha ha.”

The diary of Lo-Kag, entry #1

Ah, what day is it today? They have all run together I’m afraid. I no longer trust the gods, Multea my love. Vengeance eludes me and my prayers go unanswered. Every night sky is as the last, empty and dark, for you are no longer with me. Even the stars seem dim as if in mourning. Your death has changed me more than I can say, my heart is hard and my soul cold. Search as I may I can find no word on Surgt’s location. Writing his name makes my hand tremble in rage, and saying it makes the bile well up in my throat. His days are numbered. I can hear your voice as if you are here with me, and I know what you would say to me sitting here, knowing what I’m about to do, but I cannot listen. I set sail tomorrow for places unknown. I cannot rest until the traitors head sits atop a pike. I wish, at least, you could have seen the ship. I know how you love them, though this one may have made your breath catch in your throat and your blood freeze in your veins. It is an extraordinary vessel to be sure but there’s something… something wrong about it. They call it The Heart Of Hell, and I fear it will be my only home for quite a while. The time of my departure is drawing near, and I must depart. Even though you are not here it calms me but a little to write to you. Farewell, until another time my love.

Multea, the sea is a disagreeable lady to be sure. I am far more suited to traveling by land, but I have gotten somewhat accustomed to the incessant rocking and creaking. The captain, Krail, is a good man if a private one. The crew is another thing altogether: Pirates my dear, bloodthirsty and dirty. There are some who seem to have more whits about them than not, I shall try to talk to them and learn what I can in hope that it can speed my deadly errand.

The gods have surely forsaken us my love. We have been swallowed whole by the sea, only to arrive in a world of blood red nightmare. There seems little hope, Krail has been shot and for all I know I am dead and serving as a meal for some fearsome fish. Frighteningly, everything seems real. Too real. I and what are left of the crew are deliberating about what to do next. What I wouldn’t give for the feel of a fistful of soft earth in my hand and the smell of spring grass.

I scarce believe it myself, but I am in the midst of a hundred talking bird-men. Kenku they call themselves, though it’s hard to understand them. Their look is unnatural, though they look frail enough. I believe a good blow to the head would put them down outright. Perhaps they know of a way out of here though, of the abyss, out of Choire’s realm. I don’t wish this fate on any other mortal. A human by the name of Telemachus Pelagic has assumed leadership of our ragtag group, and although he looks like a twig in the wind his words are sharp enough. I am not much use in the ways of speech-craft so I must make up for it in other ways. Hitting things, most likely.

My world is a black dream, Multea. I have fallen into a deep depression. This place, this realm leeches the life from you, drains you of your hope of ever seeing the mortal world again. I must confess I have allowed myself to become useless. While I succumb to myself here the rest of the crew is abroad finding a way out of this place. I wish I had the strength of will, but it is a hard thing to come by in the abyss.

It has been a while since last I wrote in these dirty pages, though how long exactly I cannot tell you. I have wallowed in my own decrepitude for these many long nights and I am sick of myself. What has happened to the strong man I once was? You would be ashamed to look upon me as I am. Once, I led a hundred strong Goliath men against twice that of the goblin tribe, and what am I now? A weak old fool. No more. We have acquired a second ship, the Jackdaw and I have new information my friends must know. There have been great events here and they must hear of it. I will aid them, and in doing so perhaps redeem myself and help deliver us from this place so that I may continue the search for your murderer. I won’t allow myself to fall so far again, I am renewed and a cold fire burns in my veins. Onward, onward to death, ruin or triumph. Whatever finds me first.

I have found my crew-mates, and not a moment too soon. They thought to take on some fearsome apes without my aid, how foolish! Though perhaps they can be forgiven as they thought me lost to my solemness, which they did not mention and for which I am thankful. You should have seen the ziggurat my dear. It was incredible, Fashioned by some lost civilization at the beginning of time, or so it seemed. It housed a mighty secret thought, and in it’s depths upon his throne of skulls sat the Ape King Zod, frightening to behold. But we persevered, and with a tenacity unrivaled we beat him down and threw his body into the great fires below while rescuing our prize, a strange girl that I have not seen before. Perhaps my companions can illuminate me further. Captain Telemachus and the Machine Man Icoso have gone to speak with the succubus, and I wish them well though I doubt they will return. In the meantime we wait, and I write.

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The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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